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The Wilderness Kaleidoscope

Cape Palette View from front

The Wilderness Kaleidoscope was created by Rehta Buitendach as a digital artwork created from various photographs taken in the forests surrounding the town of Wilderness on the Garden Route.
Lichen covered tree stems, moss, leaves, and twigs are mirrored and intermingled so that an atmosphere of being deep inside a primordial forest is created.
A swallowtail butterfly phases in and out of the pattern as if it is fluttering between the trees.
In the center, the filtered light through the leaves and the tree branches create a 'cathedral window' effect.
Conceptually this artwork connects with the idea that nature is a temple, where the spirit can be restored in admiration of something beautiful.
The Wilderness Kaleidoscope is printed on high quality acid free paper and is pretty impressive at 90 x 90cm - the selling price is R6000 unframed
We have planned an exhibition to celebrate our 20th anniversary, showcasing some amazing pieces from talented local artists, including this one by Rehta.

24th of November till End of January
Come spend some time in our Gallery and admire the pieces we have on show.

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