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The rich heritage of art

Cape Palette View from front

On Heritage Day, we celebrate not only the diverse cultural tapestry of South Africa but also the profound impact it has on our artistic community. South Africa's rich heritage, blending cultures, histories, and landscapes, serves as an endless wellspring of inspiration for our talented artists.
From the vibrant colours of the Cape Malay culture to the majestic landscapes of the Drakensberg Mountains, our artists draw from the well of South African heritage to craft art that resonates with the soul. These artworks reflect our nation's stories, traditions, and collective memory.
We've had the privilege of supporting South African artists for nearly 21 years and we invite you to explore the captivating world of South African art. Visit our gallery and experience the profound connection between heritage and creativity. Through the eyes of our artists, you'll discover the beauty, diversity, and enduring spirit of South Africa's heritage, lovingly preserved on canvas.
Featured Pieces:
Leading the Procession - Niel Jonker
Nyguni On The Hill - Anne De Goede
In Our Hands 1 - Renee Leslie

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