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Why frame a print ?

Cape Palette View from front

Prints are often done by an artist of their favourite pieces, these prints afford a person the opportunity to own and display a beautiful piece of art or even many of their favourite artists' works at a price that may be more in their budget at the moment.

Art prints are incredibly versatile and can be displayed in any setting, and can serve as the showpiece in any room if you have one and is a great way to show off your good taste and style.

But why have it framed?

Adding a frame ensures that your art print is presented in a polished manner, and when hanging more than one print on a wall, the best practice is to have them framed in a similar frame regardless of style or subject.
We take time to choose the frame at Cape Palette Art Gallery that best suits each print's aesthetic and our experience has shown that a beautifully picked custom frame adds elegance to the print.

We have a lovely curated selection of framed prints on offer online. Check the link below   ↓  

    small framed prints

Still life prints

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