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The Mourning Dove

Cape Palette View from front

In this poignant watercolour on paper, Willie Schlechter pays tribute to his beloved mother, capturing the essence of love, loss, and the eternal cycle of life. 
"The Mourning Dove" holds profound symbolism, carefully woven into every brushstroke. Agapanthus flowers, reminiscent of his mother's funeral, grace the composition, while a glass dome becomes a vessel of memories and contemplation. 
Conceptually, the artwork explores the delicate balance between life and death, the afterlife, and the interconnectedness of existence. Two entities coexist within the piece—one bound within an invisible wall, and the other free yet forever linked. Their symbiotic relationship is depicted through a nest of roots, cradling the fragile capsule of life. 
As viewers, we witness the yearning for freedom, trapped within the glass prison. Breaking the protective shell sets the captive entity free but brings an end to its once-thriving environment. It's a thought-provoking exploration of liberation and sacrifice, where life emerges from destruction. 
"The Mourning Dove" is not just a beautiful artwork; it's a profound reflection on the mysteries of existence and the everlasting connection we share with those who have passed on. 
Own a piece of artistic contemplation and soul-stirring beauty. 
The Mourning Dove by Willie Schlechter
55 x 50cm Framed
R11 500.00

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