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Is glue damaging your art

Cape Palette View from front

To secure a painting or print safely to backing boards is done using adhesion which is a common and necessary practice in the framing industry. 

Many different techniques have been employed and utilized over the years, everything from masking tape to rabbit skin glue or dry mount tissue have been used. But, the ideal method is often based on the materials used and what needs to be adhered. 

To attach paper-based art to a backing board it is best to hinge the artwork at the top only with a special ph neutral picture framing tape - much of the damage to artwork is due to the artwork’s attachment via acidic adhesives, or attachment to acidic backing such as poor quality mat boards, cardboard or even wood. 

All of these materials are acidic in nature, leads to yellowing and discoloration of the paper, as well as rapid deterioration and embrittlement of the artwork. For the sake of its longevity, if you suspect your artwork has been incorrectly framed it is paramount to remove the harmful backing materials as soon as possible.

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