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Encounter the wonders of South Africa's natural world like never before!

Cape Palette View from front

 Discover the Captivating World of Retha Buitendach's Photography Art 

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing photography art of Retha Buitendach at Cape Palette Gallery! Her unique pieces showcase a blend of imagination and appreciation for South Africa's natural wonders.

Retha's artistic journey took her to the enchanting landscapes of the Klein Karoo, where she found inspiration in its beauty and serenity. With a collection of fascinating finds, including skulls, shells, sticks, and stones, she crafts imaginative insects that reflect her deep love for our country's plants, insects, animals, and landscapes.

We were lucky to receive a video from the artist herself where she shares her creative process and how she composes different photographs to create stunning compositions. Prepare to encounter the Orbweb Spider Kaleidoscope, the Bone Mender Mantis Surveying the Karoo, the Mopanieveld Moon Moth, and a variety of exotic compositions meticulously constructed from found items.

Some pieces are also available to be viewed online at HERE

Join us at Cape Palette Gallery and let your imagination soar as you explore Retha Buitendach's captivating photography art. 

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