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As a contemporary art gallery, we have a keen eye for selecting art that possesses timeless qualities and artistic integrity that can
be appreciated for years to come. By showcasing works that transcend fleeting trends, we ensure that our clients can enjoy
and engage with these art choices for generations to come.

In doing so, we are creating a legacy of appreciation and admiration for the artists we represent, as well as for the art itself.

Come and experience our exceptional collection, and discover the joy and inspiration that art can bring, you'll be able to discover
and appreciate works from talented artists who are shaping the art world today.

Art Classes and workshops

With over 21 years of teaching experience, I've had the privilege of guiding aspiring artists, whether you're a complete beginner or an expert honing your skills.

You don't need any prior experience. Just bring your enthusiasm, and I'll provide all the advice you need to create your masterpiece.

Our classes are perfect for team-building workshops too. Art is a wonderful way to connect, and I've designed these lessons to inspire collaboration and creativity.

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Art Consultations

Art makes a house warmer and more human, in a world where we are told to hurry, art tells us to take our time, and enjoy the beauty we have brought inside.

Cape Palette offers curated, affordable and original artworks. Created by both established and emerging artists from across South Africa. Our wide range of art includes paintings, sculptures, original prints (woodcuts, etchings, mono types, lino cuts), photography, wood carving and mixed media.

Doris Brand, with many years of experience in fine art, we can help you choose the right artworks for your home or office. You can choose from a wide range of fine art, varying in style and technique to suit your own individual taste.

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Custom framing

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At Cape Palette we help you to find the right customized frame for your individual needs. Whether you are an artist, large company, photographer, school, or art collector, your precious pictures, photographs, and art will be in good hands with us. At our studio, we only use the best materials, and picture framing equipment, to create a unique and customized frame according to precise dimensions. The workshop is onsite and great care is given to preserve your memories, possessions, and works of art.

With more than 20 years of experience in the framing profession, we will be able to advise you on a suitable picture frame, considering design, function, creativity, and budget.

Above all, we pride ourselves on quality and customer service.


Cape Palette offers Artglass, a genuine "Picture Framers Glass" at the most affordable prices, making it possible not to have to resort to using window glass on your art anymore. The glass has superior clarity, is anti-reflective and is UV resistant.

Hanging pictures without nails

We are suppliers of STAS picture hanging systems

Mounting the picture rail is very easy. Changing pictures, paintings or photo frames couldn't be easier using the matching picture hooks and cords. Hang multiple picture frames and make your own collage in a matter of seconds. Moreover, you don't need to drill ugly holes in your walls using our picture hanging rails anymore. Once the picture rail is installed, you can organize and rearrange your pictures time and time again without using nails or screws. It's an investment that you will benefit from during the total time of occupancy in your home, office or building!

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Canvas stretching

We offer professional canvas stretching services to fellow artists and clients.

Canvas stretching is necessary to preserve the canvas and prepare it for framing. It is as simple as that.

However, the process of stretching a canvas and adding a stretched canvas frame is not so simple and there are many factors that come into play.

As art lovers and collectors ourselves, we know that each piece deserves a lot of care and love during the stretching process!

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