About us

Established 2002 in George, Cape Palette Art Gallery soon created a reputation
for their professionalism, high quality and a genuine enthusiasm for the arts.

20 years ago, my beloved husband and I made the life changing decision to open a gallery, our shared love and passion for art meant we were both able to envision and set goals for what we wanted our gallery to be about:

A beautiful setting to showcase the best of what our talented South African artists had created, as well as a gathering space for fellow art collectors to view, admire and hopefully purchase pieces to display in their homes and offices.

We loved creating our gallery but longed to bring it home, and then in 2016 we made our dream a reality, with a beautifully placed, wonderfully built Studio Gallery in Heather Park, we were able to continue displaying great art in a beautiful setting.

Our studio is a culmination of years of hard work and dedication towards building a reputation both online and in-person of professionalism, high-quality art curation and a genuine enthusiasm for the arts.

We sell only great quality of fine art for all art lovers, serious collectors, as well as first time buyers at a good value for money.

While we have a great online presence and a frequently visited art for sale online page, we are a brick and mortar gallery and host regular group and solo exhibitions.

Our gallery is open to the public during normal gallery hours and after hours by appointment. Our team offers a packaging service and we ship your art to any destination in the world.