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We are very proud to display many of Fawa's artworks

Cape Palette View from front

I only have one match no.4 was painted in response to an invitation by the Jan Rupert Centre in Graaf-Reinet.

The invitation was for artists to produce an artwork in response to Michelle Nigrini’s large artwork, Colour Symphony (1993), consisting of many coloured “panels”, but Fawa's painting contains 480 hand painted matches, that progress from top to bottom in terms of the degree each one has burnt, whilst, at the same time, they turn colder (blue) towards the left and warmer (red) towards the right.

This literal description is just about where the conversation with Nigrini’s artwork ends.

As Fawa explains, 'My personal interpretation of this work is best described by Rachel Platten’s Fight Song: “Like a small boat on the ocean, setting big waves into motion . . . I might only have one match, but can make an explosion . . .” We, as individuals (no two matches are the same) who are little matches, are able to simply have a small influence on others in our vicinity - and yet we all possess the power to “burn down a city”. To me, this is all about the power and significance of often overlooked “small things” in life. Individualists trying to break free from the “order” of things, yet part of the bigger inevitable self-destruction.'

We are very proud to display many of Fawa's artworks and ceramic pieces.

Come spend some time in our Gallery and admire the pieces we have on show.


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