Retha Buitendach

Retha Buitendach

I was called by the beauty of the Klein Karoo and moved from Pretoria in 2020 to settle in Van Wyksdorp. Along came all my boxes of skulls, shells, sticks, stones and scrap heap finds, to continue my 27-year odyssey of creating imaginary insects from found objects.

My artworks have always been a reflection of a passionate love and appreciation of our South African plants, insects, animals and landscapes and how essential every small detail is in the bigger ecological picture.

This exhibition shows a collection of my artworks in various media from photographic digital artworks to small sculptural works and a new series of Origami-collage artworks never exhibited before.

I believe in art that speaks for itself and leaves room to dream. Without further words I invite you to come and meet some imaginary insects – the Makgadikgadi Pathfinder Moth (Blatta indagatrix) and the Black Bride Spider (Aranea sponsa-negra) and the Queen’s – gambit Cranefly (Muscarius regalis) and various exotic flowers constructed entirely from photographs of magical everyday insects.

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