Johann Booyens

Johann Booyens

Johann Booyens'  work centres on the complex symbiotic relationship between humans and the natural world that houses us. Drawing on Gregory Bateson’s position that the unit for survival = (organism + environment), he attempts to position his practice as that environment required for growth as a printmaking artist. He studies B-tech fine arts and design and M-tech printmaking (Cum Laude). He has exhibited in China, Mexico, Armenia and Scotland and has art displayed in the V&A Museum in London, the Beijing Art Museum, and several local private collections.

Experience the intricate and thought-provoking printmaking art of Johann Booyens at Cape Palette Gallery! Johann's art beautifully combines the wonders of nature with intricate designs that provoke deep contemplation.

To help viewers understand the science and workmanship behind Johann's pieces, we've shared a video of his printmaking process here as well as on our YouTube channel: In the studio of Johann Booyens


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