Anne De Goede

Anne De Goede

Now here at 55 I am and was at a stage wondering and seeking what is my reason for being on this planet. It took me 2yrs doing administration work & getting a salary to realize, creativity is part of my DNA. Realizing that I (you) have a space in life to fill, so that I (you) can leave a mark of inspiration for the next generation. All art forms are there to give excitement and joy. I am fortunate !!! Since the age of Fifteen I have been in the field of arts & crafts, I was fortunate to have matriculated at the Pro-Arte school and studied Fine arts at Pretoria Technicon. Along my art route: I enjoyed two formal art jobs at Library & museum Services then Air force Museum as an artist depicting history. Took part in various group exhibitions in Pretoria, Harrismith, Stellenbosch, Randburg, Worcester, Canada, Paris(France), Paarl, KKNK, George and Riebeeck-Kasteel.

I have always loved to work in a variety of subjects: Flowers, Wild Life mostly on commission, Still life’s. Landscapes, Portraits also on commission. And THEN mostly the typical South African farm animals & birds, Geese, Donkeys, Cats, Dogs and Nguni cattle. I also love painting wall murals and furniture. I think most of the time I see and use my subjects for their compositional and symbolic value. For me it is a challenge & joy starting a art work (of say the donkey)in how to use its shape on the picture space, how the light falls, getting the right colours and textures. And in the end that there is life and warmth in the art work. I sometimes get anxious for how big the field of Visual art is and how quick time goes and everything I still want to do. I am very passionate about art history.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Pablo Picasso.

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