Carol Eady

Carol Eady

Over the years I have honed my skill as a draftsperson rather than a painter, and most of my compositions are monochromatic although I do love to create in colour as well.

The mediums that have given me the freedom to develop my unique forms of art are paint, pastels, assorted drawing materials, ink, mosaic and ceramic.

My art is a process of first-hand observation and “looking” at my subject, thus I enjoy working from the model for both figure drawing and portraits, although at times I do use my own photographic reference.

I explore a vast range of subjects, like faces, people, still life, objects and anything that I find interesting to observe and draw. For me subject is secondary to process and execution of any artwork.

Printmaking is a technique that I have fallen in love with and my work has a strong graphic quality, creating with ink on paper and overlaying with printed images.

My home art studio is based in Heatherlands, George, where I love to immerse myself in the creation of my unique artworks.

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